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Sino-French friendship for a century Date:2021-07-19 16:25:26

July 14th is the French National Day. This year's French National Day has the theme of "One Hundred Years of Basel, China and France" as the theme, and a series of celebrations are held around the centenary of Villa Basel.

In 1964, "based on reason and necessity" (De Gaulle), France established diplomatic relations with China and became the first Western power to establish diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China at the ambassadorial level. On October 21, 1980, France established a consulate general in Shanghai, which was the first major western country to establish a consulate general in Shanghai after the reform and opening up. Villa Basai became the seat of the French consulate in Shanghai in 1980. This villa, built in 1921, was designed by French architects at the crédit foncier d’Extrême-Orient, and now serves as the residence of the consul general and a symbolic landmark of France in Shanghai. For a century, Villa Basai has witnessed many dignitaries and celebrities who love Sino-French relations stop here.

Airbus, Alstom, Faurecia, Dassault Systemes and Eolane China were invited to participate in the gala dinner held at the French Consulate General in Shanghai.


The banquet kicked off with the Chinese national anthem and French national anthem sung by singers Ms. Qiu Shuwei and Ms. Anne Evenou.


Speech by Mr. Benoît Guidée, Consul General of France in Shanghai.


At the French National Day reception, Le Cordon Bleu brought a feast of taste to the guests with a "1921 Cold Meal Menu of the Same Model".


National Day is the most solemn public holiday in France. On July 14th, there is a national holiday for one day. On the eve of the festival, every family hung up colorful flags, all buildings and public places were decorated with lanterns and garlands, and an open-air stage decorated with red, white and blue curtains was erected at the intersections of the streets, and the orchestra played on the stage. Folk pop music. On the evening of 13th and 14th, carnival crowds flocked to the streets, with red, white and blue bands around their necks, and they performed cheerful camaño and other folk dances to the music.

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Eolane Group, established in 1975, is the leading electronic service manufacturing (EMS) provider in Europe. It is committed to providing customers with comprehensive EMS and ODM services. It is headquartered in Angers, France. 

Eolane China has been deeply involved in the Greater China region for 15 years, and its process capabilities cover surface mount, traditional wave soldering and selective wave soldering, automatic soldering, automatic pin insertion, water washing, surface coating (three-proof glue), machine assembly, etc. It has ISO13485 (medical), ISO22163 (railway), IATF16949 (automotive) and other quality system certifications. Committed to serving customers in the fields of medical care, industrial control, rail transit, clean energy and other fields with small and medium batches, multiple varieties, and high requirements for product reliability and quality.

À l'amitié sino - française!

Cheers to Sino-French friendship!