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Manufacturing Capacity Manufacturing Capacity

Eolane operates a number of high-standard SMT lines for the surface mounting of components (including LEDs, CSPs, and BGAs) in a variety of sizes, from 01005 to 45*150mm. We also have a wealth of experience in OSP and MCPCB (aluminum substrate) manufacturing.

Our automatic conformal coating lines can provide selective coating and dipping services, while our highly skilled and IPC-certified operation team delivers high quality soldering compliant with IPC Acceptance Class 2 and 3.

Manufacturing Capacity
NPI Management NPI Management
We carry out quality control on the whole process of products. In the NPI phase, we develop the robust process by utilitzing such quality tools as DFx/APQP/DFMEA/Control Plan. In the mass production phase, we provide digitalized/systematic/visualized quality management using our MES system and Intergrated Quality System. With such sound quality management in place, we ensure that our products meet customer expectations.
  • Quotation

    Customer requirement review

    Feasibility study based on DFM E-system

  • Project Plan
    Project Plan

    Professional Core Function team support Support customer technical review

    Plan the robust and first-right process according PLATO PFMEA e-system

    Detailed milestone management rule in Flawless Launch E-system

  • Quality Run
    Quality Run

    Safe launch control

    Mitigate risk before Mass production

  • Mass Run
    Mass Run

    Lean system to drive CIP

    E-quality system to show overall picture of quality performance and fast response

    E-Quality system to ensure  lessons learnt implementation

    Layer audit for process management

    ECN E-system to ensure Standardized Change management

NPI Management
Fast Prototyping Fast Prototyping

We ensure that designs can be validated efficiently to advance mass production and project delivery.We provide complete solutions such as DFM inspection, NPI reports to improve product manufacturability and product life cycle.

Fast Prototyping
Lean Management Lean Management
From result control to process control, we continuously improve the quality of products and services through process optimization, and strive to achieve:

Zero defects: avoid delivery delays due to product defects (guarantee quality from the source)

Zero overflow: avoid delays caused by inventory waiting

Zero preparation time: Eliminate preparation time and promote small batch production

Line stop: close production coordination to avoid line stop

Zero handling: improve material turnover efficiency

Zero lead time: ensure rapid supply of materials

Zero fluctuation: to ensure necessary capacity when there is no production buffer 

Lean Management
Focusing on continuous improvement, we are committed to optimizing and simplifying the assembly process to improve efficiency for our customers and increase their competitiveness in the market. With our high-end electronics manufacturing services, specialized manufacturing expertise and teams, we are committed to supporting you in developing and strengthening your position in the market with products assembled by systematically trained technicians in accordance with the highest quality standards.
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